Studio Tour

We are prooud to serve Douglas County and surrounding communities.

Our address is 2529 Bright Star Road, Douglasville, GA 30134. We have 3 beautiful dance rooms, all equipped with a floating floor system with a marley overlay. Floating floors are considered the best available for dance. They enhance performance and greatly reduce injuries. The art of dance is a physical activity requiring jumping and, more importantly, landing. This activity puts additional stress on joints and bones. A floating floor is just one of the many ways we can ensure the safety and health of our dancers and staff.

All of our dance rooms feature large viewing windows. At DAW we offer year-round viewing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, although we closed our observations areas, we provided parents the opportunity to observe each class virtually. We are happy for parents to be able to watch their children's progress and share in the child's enjoyment of the class.