Summer Classes

We are ready to get back into the studio for summer classes! We are taking special precautions to ensure the safety and well being of our staff and students. And if you're not quite ready to come back into the studio, we will be continuing to offer all of our summer classes virtually as well! Here is what we are doing to provide a safe environment for our dancers this summer:
1. We will implement a drop-off / pick up procedure and close the lobbies and viewing areas. We ask that parents remain in their cars during class time. 
2. We will share the class link with parents who wish to observe class virtually. 
3. We will limit classes to 8 students. 
4. We will not use the barres or props.
5. We will assign special areas for dancers to stand and we will observe social distancing guidelines. 
6. We will sanitize hands when entering and exiting the studio, and sanitize cubbies, doorknobs, and other surfaces between classes. 
To view our summer class schedule please click HERE. Register through your on-line portal. New students, click HERE to register. If you would like to take class virtually, register for the class you would like to take and send us an e-mail letting us know you are going to be a "virtual" student this summer. Those taking classes virtually will receive a $15 discount on summer tuition. 
 For questions regarding our 6-week summer session, please email us at