Summer Class Info

Summer classes June 3-July 11

*Summer class cards are valid June 3 through July 11. They will expire on July 12.

Summer 2019 Class Schedule - (click here)

How to Purchase a Class Card
*Please note that class cards expire on July 12, 2019. Any unused classes will be forfeited. If you fill an entire class card, and do not wish to purchase a second one, you can pay by the class and we will honor the price per class of your initial class card. We reserve the right to alter or cancel any classes that do not have a minimum of 4 students attending within the first two weeks of the summer session. 

Step 1: Log into your account 

If you do not already have an account with us, create one! Go to and click on “REGISTER."

Step 2: Purchase a class card
Look under your On-Line Store and Click on “Purchase a Class Card.”

4 Class Card - $64    10 Class Card - $120    20 Class Card - $200

You come when you want and take what you want. Maybe one week you want to try ballet or contemporary and the next week you want to try jazz or hip hop! Maybe you will LOVE both! Keep in mind that your card is good for any combination of classes and when you fill up your card, you can buy a new one!

Step 3: Come to class
Attend the classes you want at your convenience. Upon arriving for each class, be sure to sign in at the front desk so we can punch your class card! Note: the class cards are “virtual” you will not actually need to bring in the card. All cards will expire on the last day of our summer session. Mid Week Master Classes cannot be paid for using Class Cards.