Fall / Spring Tuition (August-April)

There is a $30 registration fee ($20 for siblings, $50 family max) for our Fall / Spring season. The registration fee is collected at the time of registration. All tuition payments August - April will be automatically debited between the 5th-10th of each month. If you wish for your tuition not to be auto debited, you should pay your tuition, on-line, between the 1st-4th of each month. If your account shows any balance greater than $0.00, on any given month, this amount will be auto debited between the 5th-10th of the month. If your account shows a balance of $0.00 or a credit (indicated by a "-") your account will not be auto debited. Tuition is based on the amount of hours a dancer takes per week for a 4 week month. If a student takes 1.25 hrs or less, tuition is $16 per hour, per week (with a minimum tuition cost of $60 per month). Once a student reaches 1.5 hrs or more per week, the tuition is $13.50 per hour, per week. Families with two or more siblings dancing will receive a 10% discount off total monthly tuition. Tuition will remain the same, regardless if the month has 3 weeks, 4 weeks, or 5 weeks. Tuition payments will be due for nine full months, August-April. DAW does not follow all Douglas County school closings. Please refer to our studio Important Dates and Calendar for pre-scheduled studio closings. In the case of inclement weather, we will contact customers via e-mail, and leave updates on our studio voicemail, and on our studio Facebook page. 

Summer Tuition

For our summer classes, customers purchase a summer class card and come to the classes they want at their convenience. Class cards are available through your on-line account under On-line Store. Summer class cards will expire on the last day of summer classes for each specific session. Summer class cards cannot be used for summer master classes or any classes during the Spring / Fall season. 

Costume Fees 

Costume fees are $75 per class and will be automatically debited November 5th-10th, along with tuition debit for the month. Any students whose costume fees are $150 or greater, half of the total amount will be auto debited between November 5th-10th, and the remaining half will be auto debited between December 5th-10th. If you wish for your costume fees not to be auto debited, you should pay your costume fees, on-line, before by November 4th.

Costumes do not include the price of tights, which will be required for all classes. 

Performance Fee

The performance fee is $100 per student and will be automatically debited between February 5th-10th, along with February's tuition. If you wish for your performance fee not to be auto debited, you should pay your Performance Fee, on-line, by the 4th of February. The Performance Fee includes a copy of the recital music, a special year end gift, rehearsal time, rental of the recital venue, props, set, and other recital related expenses.