Calendar of Events

2017-2018 Calendar 

6/5/18-7/19/18 Summer dance classes begin
7/20/18-7/22/18 West Georgia Dance Intensive
8/11/18 Open House with Dance Max Dance-wear from 10:00-2:00pm
8/13/18 First Day of classes for the 2018/2019 season
9/3/18 Studio Closed for Labor Day
10/31/18 Studio Closed for Halloween
11/15/18 Costume Fee Debited
11/19/18-11/23/18 Studio Closed for Thanksgiving Break
12/15/18  Costume Balance Debited 
 12/21/18-1/6/19 Studio Closed for Christmas Break
 1/7/19 Classes Resume
 2/15/19  Performance Fee Debited
3/25/19-3/29/19 Costume Week
4/8/19-4/12/19 Studio Closed for Spring Break
4/29/19-5/3/19 Individual and Group Class Picture Week
5/14/19 Last Day of Classes
5/15/19-5/19/19 Rehearsals and Spring Recitals