Spring Recital Information

Our recitals are very different than your typical "dance recital." With a fun storyline, colorful backdrops, professional lighting cues, acting, singing, and dancing our audiences experience a true, theatrial experience when watching one of our shows! 

As we plan and prepare for our rehearsals and show, we will use this page to commumicate all important recital related informaion to our cusotmers. It is always our goal to communicate in a clear manner so that recital weekend runs smoothly for you!

Coming Spring 2023
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Our recital is a ticketed event. Any person wishing to watch the show in person will need a ticket. Tickets are $17 + taxes and fees and must be purchased on-line. If your child is dancing in more than one show, a separate ticket must be purchased for each show that you wish to watch from the theater. Tickets will go on sale approximately 6 weeks prior to recital weekend. You will be able to purchase recital tickets by clicking here. 

Show Assignments
We several shows during the weekend of recital. Most dancers will not dance in all shows. It is VERY important that you know which show(s) your dancer is performing in so that you purchase tickets for the correct show. If your child is dancing in more than one show, a separate ticket must be purchased for each show that you wish to watch from the theater. Log into your parent portal to find which show(s) your child is dancing in. To log-in, click HERE. Once you have logged in, click on the three lines on the top left of the home page, then click on View Performances. 

Our recital is held at the Carrollton Center for the Arts, located at 251 Alabama St, Carrollton, GA 30117.

Rehearsal Times & Practice Music
Rehearsals are held at the Carrollton Center for the Arts. All dancers will have the opportunity to rehearse on stage. We will provide links to access your dancer's music so they can practice home. 

Shoes & Tights
Dancers need specific shoes and tights for their performances. Required shoes and tights are listed under View Performances / Performance Notes in your parent portal. SHOP NOW for tights. 

Dancers with more than one costume, or dancers who are not wearing tights with their costume, are required to wear appropriate dance undergarments. Dance undergarments must be worn anytime dancers are changing costumes (including during picture week) AND/OR if a dancer has a costume that does not require tights. Appropriate dance undergarments include a flesh colored leotard or flesh colored briefs and top. Dancers who only have one costume are not required to wear an undergarment (IF this costume also requires tights). Regular underwear should not be worn under costumes or tights. Undergarments are available for purchase in the front lobby and are available in dark and light skin tones. Please speak with a front desk staff member if you have questions regarding the required undergarments. SHOP NOW for undergarments.

Recital Volunteers
We offer the opportunity for female guardians to be recital volunteers. More info to come!

Performance Fee
The Performance Fee covers recital related expenses. It also includes: stage time for your dancer, rental of the facility, digital copies of all four shows, a memory program, access to practice music, and an end of the year gift for your dancer. This fee is drafted on April 15, 2022. 

Once your costumes leave our facility, we are not responsible for them. We cannot replace lost, defective, stolen, torn, stained, or ruined costumes. Costumes should be stored in a safe, dry area. If your costume includes a tutu, hang it upside down to allow the wrinkles to fall out. Do not wash or dry clean costumes. 

Hair & Make-Up
Proper stage hair and make-up is very important for pictures and on stage. Helpful tutorials are below. 

Younger Dancer Bun (for varying hair textures)

Younger Dancer Stage Makeup (dark skin)

Younger Dancer Stage Makeup (light skin)

Teen Dancer Bun (relaxed hair)

Teen Dancer Bun

Teen Dancer Stage Make-Up (dark skin)

Teen Dancer Stage Make-Up (light skin)

Picture Week
Picture week will take place in the spring, a few weeks prior to recital weekend.   


1. All rehearsals will be held at the Carrollton Center for the Arts, 251 Alabama St. Carrollton, GA 30117. Parking is free. 
2. Upon arriving at rehearsals, dancers should check in at the designated check in table. 
3. Parents of Preschool and Kindergarten dancers will be allowed to watch rehearsal from the theater. Only one parent will be allowed, and siblings are not allowed  
4. Parents of dancers in 1st-12th grade will not be allowed to watch rehearsals. Parents are welcome to wait in the lobby or mingle around the Carrollton square. There are several shops and restaurants within walking distance. 
5. The length of each dancer's rehearsal is dependant on how many dances they are in. 1st-12th grade dancers should plan on their rehearsal taking a minimum of one hour, but longer if they are in more than one dance. Each night all dancers should be picked up by 9:00pm. 

Class Rehearsal Time Music