The Company

At Dance Academy West, our heart and soul thrives on empowering dancers to reach their highest potential. This is why we formed, The Company, an amazing group of dancers ages 5 through 18 who are passionate about dance and performing! Dancers who audition and are selected for The Company attend master classes with guest artists and choreographers, partake in dance conventions, perform in community events and festivals all while training in many different dance disciplines at our studio. Members of our company have received scholarships to attend dance conventions, been accepted into prestigious summer dance programs, gained valuable experience by dancing in local community theatrical productions, and developed lifelong friendships with other dancers in our studio and with other dancers in our community. We feel being a part of The Company helps build self-confidence, establishes a strong work ethic, and increases self-discipline and teamwork.

Any dancer who is passionate about the art of dance and yearns for more than a weekly dance class should consider auditioning for The Company. If selected, please know and understand the commitment you are making. It involves additional weekly classes, rehearsals, and travel to performances, conventions, and festivals throughout the southeast region. This is a huge responsibility for both child and parent. If you would like more information about auditioning for The Company, please email us at

Company Info Packet for 2020/2021

Please check out the new information regarding our 2020/2021 competitive Company Team HERE