The following information is for our 2021/2022 Company team                                                                                                                                                                    

Season 20

Season 20 for DAW is here! We are working on making this year the BIGGEST one yet! It's going to be a great dance season!

Protege and Elite Dancers Tap

We loved your tap dances so much that we're going to take them to competition this season! The fees for these tap dances are slightly different and are as follows: $275 for Elite (this covers entry fees, new hair accessory, and compensation for Ms. Angela) and $375 for Protege (this covers entry fees, new costume, and compensation for Ms. Angela). Elite dancers, please locate and keep your tap costume as you will reuse it. Protege, unfortunately, many of you have already outgrown your costume so we will need to purchase a new one.  These fees will be collected with your entry fees on January 15, 2022. 

Company Dances, Choreography, and Rehearsal Schedule

Assignments to company dances along with choreography and weekly rehearsal schedule can be found here. Please review the schedule and make note of ALL the dances your child is in. 

Classes begin Monday, August 9

Fall classes will begin on Monday, August 9. You can view your classes through your online portal.

Parent Meetings

We will have a parent meeting on Thursday, August 12 for Elite and Protege from 7:00-7:30pm and Saturday, August 14 for Mini from 8:45am-9:30am. 

Company Costume and Choreography Fees Due August 15

Costume and Choreography Fees in the amount below will be auto-drafted on August 15.  This includes choreography and company costumes only. Additional company dance costume fees in the amount of $330 per dance will be auto-drafted on September 15. Any soloist or duet must have costumes approved, selected, and ordered by August 15 as well. 

High School Elite $1600 4 dances
Elite $1225 3 dances
Protege $850 2 dances
Mini $400 1 dance

New Member Attire and Replacement Items

Any new or returning member who needs a jacket, earrings, and black leggings fees will be auto-drafted on August 15. It's $125 for new members and jackets are $85, earrings $10, and black leggings $30 for any returning member. There will be a sizing of jackets and leggings along with a form available at the front desk the first week of class. Please use the sizing and fill out the form with items needed during the first week of class!

Change to Recital Dates for 2022

Next year's recitals dates are now June 1-5, 2022. We will continue with classes through the month of June. 

Nationals in Orlando June 29-July 3 with Rehearsals June 20-24

After a seven-year absence, we will be heading to nationals with Inferno Dance Competition in Orlando, Florida June 29-July 3. We are super excited! Although Nationals is optional, we truly hope you will all make plans to attend. We will have mandatory rehearsals to prepare for nationals June 20-24. It will be an amazing experience! Dancers must commit to attending Nationals by January 15, 2022. Due to us attending nationals, we will not have the dance intensive July 25-30 mentioned in the company handbook. 

Important Upcoming Dates for 2021/2022

This schedule has been finalized. Please keep these dates open and available! Dates are subject to change and will be added and adjusted here. Please make sure to check this schedule every week. 

August 9 First day of Fall Classes  
August 12 Mandatory Protege and Elite Parent meeting at 7:00pm  Protege and Elite only
August 14 High School Dance Choreography from 10:45am-5:00pm Bring lunch High School Elite Only
August 14 Mini Choreography from 8:45am-1:00pm Bring lunch Minis only
August 14 Mandatory Mini Parent meeting at 9:00am 

Minis Parents only

August 15 New Member Attire and any jacket, earrings, etc orders auto-drafted

New members and any returning needing to replace items

August 15 Costume and Choreography Fees auto-drafted


August 19 Elite Choreography from 5:45pm-9:00pm

Elite only

August 21 Elite Choreography from 8:45am-1:00pm Bring lunch

Elite only

August 21 Protege Choreography from 8:45am-2:00pm Bring lunch

Protege only

September 15

Additional Dance Costume and Choreography fees of $330 per additional dance  auto-drafted 

September 24-26

Dance 4 Choreography 

Friday, September 24 from 4:45pm-8:00pm

Saturday, September 25 from 12:45pm-4:30pm

Sunday, September 26 from 12:45pm-4:00pm

Dancers in Dance 4 only

September 25-26

Choreography for Dance 12 

Saturday, September 25 from 8:45am-12:00pm

Sunday, September 26 from 9:15am-12:30pm

Dancers in Dance 12 only

September 29-October 3 Choreography for Dance 5, Dance 6, and Dance 7 time TBA

 Dancers in Dance 5, 6, and 7

September 30 Protege Choreography from 4:45pm-8:00pm at Chapel Hill

Protege only

December 17 Tentative date for Company Christmas Party


February 12-13 KSU Dance Festival

High School Elite Only

March 11-13 ASH Dance Convention and Competition at The Avalon

Elite and Protege only

March 18-20 Inferno Dance Competition  ALL
April 22-24 Adrenaline Dance Convention and Competition at the Marriot Galleria


April 29-May 1 NYCDA Dance Convention and Competition at the Sheraton


May 15 Annual Company Showcase at the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center


 June 1-5  Annual Recitals at the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center  ALL
June 20-24 Mandatory Rehearsals for Inferno Dance Nationals in Orlando, Florida ALL Attending
June 27-30 Last week of the regular dance season  
June 29-July 3 Inferno Dance Nationals in Orlando, Florida ALL Attending