The following information pertains to all 2018/2019 members of The Company at Dance Academy West.

24 Seven Dance Convention

When: Friday, March 22 through Sunday, March 24
Where: THE HOTEL AT AVALON9000 Avalon Boulevard Alpharetta, GA 30009
What: This is a competition where we will compete our routines and take workshop classes on Saturday and Sunday.  
Arrival Attire: Company jacket, jersey with a leotard or sports bra underneath, black leggings, hair in the style of your first dance.
Call Time on Saturday, March 23

                                                     7:15 am dancers in Wherever You Will Go

                                                      8:00 am Apprentice Company

                                                      10:00 am Elite Company

Location to meet at call time: Meet in front of Teen room
Competition Time: See schedule HERE Be sure to select Dance Academy West under Select a Studio to view our schedule only!
Costumes Needed: Wherever You Will Go, Patriotic Pop Girls, Come Alive, Amen, Yellow
Order of our Dances: See schedule HERE Be sure to select Dance Academy West under Select a Studio to view our schedule only!  

Workshop schedule for Saturday and Sunday: see schedule HERE. The schedule is subject to change! Please check back! We will meet on Saturday, March 23 at 3:15 pm in front of the Teen room. Please note your dinner and lunch break so you will be prepared. On Sunday, March 24, you will go directly to your assigned ballrooms at the 10 minutes BEFORE the time listed on the schedule. 

Other Important Info:

Rules of the Convention for Dancers:

• We will take a group photo promptly at 3:15 pm in front of the 24 Seven Step and repeat on Saturday, March 23 if at all possible. Please wear your Company jacket.  
• Only water is allowed during workshop classes, competition, and in the dressing room. NO SODAS OR STARBUCKS! 
• Only healthy and safe snacks are allowed in workshop classes and the dressing room.
• Clean the dressing room and your area before you leave.
• Each dancer must wear the wristband that we provide them at all times EXCEPT when they are performing on stage. They will need this wristband for the workshop classes. 
• There is no casual walking in or out during a performance. Please be respectful to the dancers competing on stage and to the audience members watching.
• Please silence your cell phones during workshop classes and competition.
• No talking backstage.
• Please wear appropriate dance attire and look your very best. No messy hair during workshop classes and no gymnastic leotards or Justice brand clothing.

Rules of the Convention for Parents:
• You are responsible for your child at all times except when they leave to go backstage.
• Parents are not allowed backstage unless they are helping with a prop.

• We need help transporting the boxes from DAW to Hotel Avalon and then from the hotel back to DAW. Please email if you can help! Ms. Kelly cannot get all 3 boxes! 

• You cannot observe the workshop classes unless you have an observer band. Please email if you would like to purchase an observer band for $50, cash or check only by Thursday, March 14. If you do not prepay by March 14 and would like to purchase one, you may do so at the convention. The cost increases to $60.