The following information is for our 2020/2021 Company team

Jump Dance Convention/Competition: April 16-18 

Convention Info:                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Parents- you are responsible for your child at all times. DAW staff will not be in each convention ballroom but will check in on dancers periodically throughout each day. 
  • Dancers will use the "buddy system" when going to the restroom and a never to leave the convention room without a teammate. 
  • Age groups are:Jump Start or JS (5-7yrs old),Mini (8-10yrs old), Junior (11-12yrs old), Teen(13-15yrs old), Senior (16+)
  • View the schedule HERE and look for the approriate age group listed above to find your dancer's correct convention classes.
  • Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your first class each day.
  • Armbands and name/number tags must be worn in convention classes and will be given to dancers this week during class so please check their dance bags.  
  • Make sure that your dancer has ALL their dance shoes plus sneakers for Hip Hop class.
  • Parents will walk their children to their designated ballroom for classes.
  • Please make sure that your dancer has gone to the restroom before entering the ballroom for classes.
  • All dancers must wear their black masks for convention classes.
  • Parents are not allowed to observe workshop classes due to social distancing.
  • Only dance bag allowed in the convention ballroom. Make sure it is big enough to hold their company jacket, etc.
  • You must bring WATER! It will NOT be available onsite.
  • Please pick up promptly after your dancer's last convention class of the day.
  • Dancers are dismissed after their last convention class on Saturday and Sunday.                                            

Competition Info: 

  • Video and photography of dances on stage are stricktly prohibited.  
  • If you have multiple costumes please make sure you bring all your costumes. 
  • Call time will be Mini and Protege: 2:30pm on Friday, April 16and Elite: 2:45pm on Satuday, April 17.  Soloists you compete at different days/times and will arrive at least 45minutes prior to your performance time. Please see the competition schedule HERE. Simply select our studio, Dance Academy West, to see our dances only. 
  • Dancers arrive at their call time with hair and make-up complete and in their first costume with their company jacket and black leggings over their costume.
  • Please make sure that your dancer has gone to the restroom prior to competing.
  • All dancers must wear their black masks backstage. Please make sure that your child has a clear ziplock bag labeled with their name for us to collect masks before they take the stage.
  • View the competition schedule HERE. Simply select our studio name to see just our dances. 

Company Costume INFO

Use this handy Checklist HERE to prepare for every event!


Attendance is vital for company classes and rehearsals as we are preparing for performances and competitions. We will adhere to the Company attendance policy.  Please communicate any absence as soon as possible via email or studio phone 770-489-8580. If you have to miss because you are in quarantine, you are expected to Zoom. Links for Zoom will be emailed in a PDF. Please be sure to save the PDF! 

Important Upcoming Dates

This schedule has been finalized. Please keep these dates open and available!

April 2-9 Closed for Spring Break    
April 16-18 Jump Dance Convention/Competition ALL Company Dancers Hyatt Regency
April 30-May 2 Dance Competition- Hall of Fame ALL Company Dancers  The Cobb Galleria Centre
May 8 Company Showcase and End of the Year Party ALL Company Dancers Carrollton Cultural Arts Center