The following information is for our 2020/2021 Company team

Cell Phones

The use of cell phones by dancers has become an increasing distraction. In an effort to have better productivity and overall well-being, we are asking dancers to silence their cell phones upon arriving at the studio and putting them in their dance bags before entering the classroom and they should remain in their dance bags until they are done for the evening. If a dancer has an emergency, i.e. starts to feel ill, they should inform their instructor and be excused to come to the front desk and use the studio phone to call home. Parents, should you have an emergency please call the studio and we will get you in touch with your child.  Thank you so much for your support on this issue. 

Dress Rehearsal

Please mark the following dates for a full dress rehearsal in costume, hair, proper tights/undergarments, and make-up. Attendance is mandatory.

Elite- Thursday, February 11 from 7:00-9:00pm

Mini and Not Afraid Anymore Dance 12- Saturday, February 27 from 10:00am-12:00pm

Protege and What the T? Dance 10- Saturday, February 27 from 10:00am-12:30pm

Mask up

We are asking all company members to wear a properly fitted mask to their company classes in an effort to keep us healthy and prepare for our convention classes. All of our conventions and workshop classes are requiring dancers to wear masks. We are providing one Bloch mask to all company dancers. This mask is the mask that dancers will wear and bring to conventions/competitions. Dancers will receive it when they receive their company costumes.


All company members, please use the following link to electronically sign the release of liability waiver for our first convention Adrenaline. Your child cannot participate unless it is signed.

Venue Change for Adrenaline

The venue for our convention, Adrenaline, on March 5-7 has changed. The new venus is Hilton Atlanta. 

Jazz On Tap- Elite Co

All of Elite Co will be performing Bloom, GaGa, Wanderlust, New York, New York, Change is Coming, Fog City, and The Tide on Saturday, February 20 Jazz On Tap concert. Call time is 6:00pm with hair and make-up complete. If you would like to watch the performance you must purchase a ticket. Tickets can be purchased by calling 770.626.2464 o by using this link:

Elite Co will be required to wear a mask backstage. Also, dancers participating in workshop classes will be required to wear a mask. 


Attendance is vital for company classes and rehearsals as we are preparing for performances and competitions. We will adhere to the Company attendance policy.  Please communicate any absence as soon as possible via email or studio phone 770-489-8580. If you have to miss because you are in quarantine, you are expected to Zoom. Links for Zoom will be emailed in a PDF. Please be sure to save the PDF! 

Help with Costumes

Ms. Kelly really needs help with costumes asap, primarily adding rhinestones to costumes. If you are able to help, please email the studio with the subject line: Help with Costumes.

*Company Costumes Info

Please see the attached PDF HERE for info regarding our company costumes. This is very important information so please take the time to review it and make note of dates, times, and items needed. On the day dancers receive their company costumes, dancers must bring hangers and garment bag(s) for their costumes. Also, I would really like to have all moms of Minis and Proteges present when we're giving out company costumes if you feel comfortable. We will social distance and moms must wear a mask. Minis: will receive their costumes on Monday, Feb 8 promptly at 5:00pm. Protege: we receive their costumes on Thursday, Feb 11 promptly at 6:30pm. Elite: we receive costume info at their dress rehearsal on Thursday, Feb 11 promptly at 7:00pm. 

Revolting Children (Dance 8)

All of Protege will need black slip-on jazz for this dance by January 7 when we return from the Christmas break

Important Upcoming Dates

This schedule has been finalized. Please keep these dates open and available!

January 15 Convention/Competition Entry Fees Auto-drafted    
February 15-19 Closed for Winter Break    
February 20-21 Jazz On Tap Elite Only Infinite Energy Theatre
March 5-7 Adrenaline Dance Convention/Competition ALL Company Dancers Hilton Atlanta
March 19-21 ASH Artist Simply Human Convention/Competition Elite and Protege Only Hyatt Regency Atlanta
March 26-27 KSU Dance Festival This is a change in the original schedule High School Elite only  Kennesaw State University
April 2-9 Closed for Spring Break    
April 16-18 Jump Dance Convention/Competition ALL Company Dancers Hyatt Regency
April 30-May 2 Dance Competition- Hall of Fame or KAR ALL Company Dancers  Atlanta
May 8 Company Showcase and End of the Year Party ALL Company Dancers Carrollton Cultural Arts Center


We are closely monitoring COVID regarding our future events and competitions. If you would like to read up on what guidelines and procedures of the conventions we will be attending, please use the links below: